Our Services

The design and administration of qualified plans is the only thing that we do. TPA Admin, Inc. is a third party administrator for qualified pension plans. We specialize in the administration of 401Ks, profit sharing plans, and defined benefit plans for many different types of industries. We are dedicated to helping employers implement retirement plans that promote corporate goals and objectives, control costs and give employees a sense of security. We are a full service consulting and administration firm. Partnering with TPA Admin, Inc. ensures that the needs of employer and employees will be met.


What We Do


Plan and Design Implementation


Defined Contribution Plan Recordkeeping and Administration



Defined Benefit Plan Actuarial Services and Administration


Annual Compliance Testing and Government Reporting


Consulting Services



Resolving qualified plan problems from outside sources


We set up the documents, prepare the various enrollment forms required, work with financial advisors to make sure that accounts are set up correctly for the participants. We do the ADP/ACP testing, top heavy testing, participant statements, plan amendments, the form 5500 preparation, the form 945 processing, the form 1099-R processing, and keep the plan up to date and in compliance with the pension laws.


When a client advisor decides that a retirement plan may be a good idea for their client, we work with them to determine the best type of plan for their situation, optimizing the benefits while minimizing the costs. We gather census information about the company, ask questions and then run several proposals for your particular client. We meet with you and your client and even your clients’ employees to explain and implement the plan or plans. We prepare all the documents necessary to start a plan. We continue to provide annual administration services of preparing and filing 5500’s and any ancillary forms required. In addition, we keep up with pension law changes and make any necessary changes required by law to keep the plan in compliance. We do not give any investment advice, we leave that up to the investment professionals.